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New Year's Eve Dancing

Professionals Guild, the Ultimate Party

Professionals Guild is an association of professional people (or those who want to meet them) -- professionals who like to party and enjoy having a good time.  They tend to be in their 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond, but some are younger.  We are a good crowd of friendly people: gentlemen and ladies. Members of Professionals Guild get discounts on events hosted by the Guild.  NOTE: Guild is pronounced like "guild" in the phrase "actors guild."  
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New Year's Eve Professional Photographs by Flash-Foto

Professional Photographers

Professional Photographers like De'boraha Le'vivas are available to capture your memorizes, especially on New Year's and Halloween.
Halloween Party Photos

Halloween Pics

Members enjoy capturing their memories with photos on Halloween. We award rally nice prizes for the sexiest, most creative, and funniest costumers at our annual Halloween parties.
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