Big Balloon Drop on New Year's Eve

Don't miss the fun and excitement on New Year's.

Adopt luxury.  Get a luxurious room at the San Ramon Marriott or Hyatt Regency at a marked down price.  Or be a promoter and get a complimentary room. 

Big Balloon Drop

Professionals Guild goes all out on New Year's Eve to give you the most possible fun and excitement.

A special balloon lady, Denise Seymour, of My Little Balloon Co spends many hours with her team rigging balloons so that at a pull of a cord at midnight, 500 balloons will coming tumbling down in all ballrooms.. Many other balloons are set up in the party zone to enhance the atmosphere.

Professionals Guild, the Ultimate Party

To learn more, feel free to contact us by phone at 925-8.8.8-4392 or send us an email.
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