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Then you will be given a discount code and links to party tickets and deluxe discounted hotel rooms.

NOTE: We also co-sponsor other parties though-out the year with discounted party fees. Discounted hotel rooms for these parties may or may not be available. 

==> On New Year's, members also have a chance to get deluxe, complimentary rooms!  See discussion below.  

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Discount TIX for Halloween and New Year's Eve Parties

You can get discount tickets and discounted or even complimentary hotel rooms for Professionals Guild Parties. 

Free New Year's Eve Hotel Rooms for Members
(Limited Time Offer)

We've found a great way to bring a huge crowd to our New Year's Eve Parties. We offer you Free New Year's Eve Hotel Rooms, and they are still available to our member who have Facebook Accounts who help to promote a New Years' Eve Party. Act now and get a deluxe Marriott or Hyatt Regency Hotel Room.

How to Promote and get your FREE New Year's Eve Hotel Room

1. Call  Phil at 925-8.8.8-4392 and tell him you want to be a promoter.  
2. Invite your friends to the appropriate Facebook Event. 
3. Check your email for the special promoter code and confirmation code for your free room.

Discounted New Year's Eve Hotel Rooms
When you join Professionals Guild you are eligible to get a big discount on New Year's Eve Hotel Rooms. Discounts are also available for hotel rooms for our Halloween Parties.
Members will get a special link to use for booking their discounted hotel room. 
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