New Years Casino Gaming

Complimentary Casino Gaming on New Year's

Professionals Guild offers complimentary gaming for $100's in prizes on New Year's at the San Ramon Marriott and Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.You can enjoy Craps and Blackjack.

It's not really because there is no charge to play. But you could win a nice prize like a $100 Amazon Gift card.

Gaming starts about 9pm and goes until 11:15. Winners are announced on a chart near the gaming area at 11:30pm.  Check back to see if you won.  If you won, go to the cashier (where you checked into the party) to claim your prize. Casino gaming is provided by Steve Sivret of
How to Play Craps on New Year's Eve

1. Learn the format and the language. 

2. Put down a wager before the turn out roll. 

3. Place a few chips at the table. 

4. Be dynamic and deliberate.. 

5. Grab 2 dice, and let 'em roll.

6. Play minimalistically and know your chances.
Learn more  (This link takes you to a Wikihow page.)
Craps on New Year's Eve
Craps on New Year's Eve
You can Play Blackjack on New Year's Eve
blackjack on New Year's
How to Play Blackjack
Learn the value of the cards. 
Learn your choices: There two choices when it's your turn:
Hit, which means "Get another card." You are able to hit until you go over 21.
Stand: Keep your current cards and do nothing. You do not get more cards.

To win, you must be closer to 21 than the dealer, without going  over. If you go over, you have "busted." If it's a tie, it's called a "push" -- neither the player nor the house wins. You get a blackjack when your starting 
hand is an ace and 10, or a face card.

Professionals Guild New Year's Eve Parties are the Best!

Casino Gaming is just one of the fun parts of Professionals Guild New Year's Eve parties in Bay Area. Enjoy a huge friendly crowd, complimentary drinks, champagne toast, big balloon drop, live band and VJ/DJ in separate ballrooms. Learn more about Professionals Guild New Year's Eve Bay Area New Year's Eve Parties.
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