Free Deluxe Hotel Room

Complimentary Deluxe New Year's Eve Hotel Room
Requirements.  To get a complimentary room, you must:
  1. Buy a ticket to the New Year's Eve Party.
  2. Post a public description of the party.
  3. Tag all of your friends.
  4. Contact Phil Seyer via Phone and/or Facebook
    You can also text him at 9.1.6-3.0.0-
A limited number of complimentary rooms are available, so if you would like to get in on this deal, get started now promoting the party!

An Expensive, Luxurious Hotel Room can be yours --  you can get a complimentary room or a room at a massive discount!
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara or 
San Ramon Marriott Hotel Rooms!

You will soon be able to grab a discounted or complimentary Deluxe Hotel room at
  • San Ramon Marriott (TIX not included) or..
  • Hyatt Regency Santa Clara (VIP TIX not included)
NOTE:  Complimentary rooms are available on a first come first serve basis to those who help promote our New Year's Eve Parties!  Nobody else offers such a deal!

The best way to promote is to post a public description of the party on Facebook and tag all of your friends. To get your comp room, first add Phil Seyer as a friend on Facebook. Then call or text Phil Seyer and tell him about what you are doing to promote the party! 

Hurry! Limited Time Offer!

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